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Tom Clancy Division (ALL) Open Beta Played 6.4 million agents

Le 2 March 2016, 08:05 dans Humeurs 0

Enter a world where the impact of the time of day and weather conditions of profoundly gaming experience. Take advantage of the environment to a strategic advantage to dominate the struggles and lie in wait for your enemies. Use your gas mask to provide protection against the virus is available and to receive the upgrade in the most contaminated areas.

New York City is trying to profit from the crisis penetrated by enemy groups. One such group is the cleaning staff, traveling through the city, where to increase infection rates. Wearing clothes of hazardous substances and flamethrower wielding the cleaners leave nothing but ash in their wake.

Trained to act independently of a chain of command, the agents are to work autonomous and adaptive alone or in small groups. They are the last line of defense, set when all the other failed to save what remains.

As a member of the department, technology uses state-of-the-art in both network and prototyped. Loot fallen enemies and upgrade your equipment. Customize your character and your backpack, your lifeline in the event of collapse, and to communicate with other agents at any time with your smart watch. Customize and pave your weapons. The choices you make will help to forge a recovery or plunge deeper into the chaos of the city.

Choose with your teammates to increase your skills and synergies to increase your chances wisely and improve to win the fight. Use the ECHO ability to be a tool for data collection, the frozen moments makes the time to learn valuable information about your immediate surroundings to find hidden loot, and help you to discover the truth behind the pandemic.

Team Seamlessly defeat with friends on your enemies and to achieve the goals of the group. Lift to unlock levels of security and the morale of the citizens of New York survivors and safe operation bases. Fight may occur in a city, in danger from anywhere and anyone, anytime.

connect to your tablet your friends in real-time gameplay. The application gives you a bird's eye view of the battlefield, the ability to help your allies in battle by attacking enemies or vgolds target identification and rain destruction upon your enemies.

Powered by the all-new engine gen snowdrops that Tom Clancy Division sets a new bar in realism video game and make the open world. Experience a chaotic and devastated New York as you've never seen.


Bryan Singer finally declared the new X-Men: Apocalypse Calendar

Le 22 January 2016, 07:04 dans Humeurs 0

So what is the state of the mutant heroes in time, the first X-Men in 2000 are we? "There are all these movies now in the same timeline," says Kinberg, "and the intention, at the end of the day, the future of the past was undoubtedly the ultimate future we saw was the goal for the characters. So if new time travel or something else that might interfere hours would be long the fate of these characters. "

Final Days of Future Past discover NBA 2K16 MT Coins Wolverine saw Xavier Academy Watch John Scott, Storm, Rogue and were still alive. Although the weather has been restored, the events of Revelation - and future movies - the "Future 2.0" Wolverine Everything sent the world lives happily and learn at Xavier School ..

We now know with 100% confirmation Singer and Kinberg that young versions of the Apocalypse of John, Scott, and the storm will be sent to this future - but not necessarily the same X-Men adults previously by Famke Janssen, James Marsden and Halle Berry juice. As Collider indicates an ingenious way to allow the singer gently start your own franchise, which is where the X-Men series is next to the line, anything can happen.

Directed by Bryan Singer and starring Oscar blade and soul gold Isaac, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Sophie Turner and Olivia Munn, X-Men: Apocalypse opens May 19 in the UK and May 26 in the United States.